Best of the Bests


I asked you to send YOUR favorite story you had published in 2020. Over 200 responses flooded in, amongst them essays, poems, prose, news articles–on wildfires, #BLM, Trump, COVID-19, sexuality and growing up, about pain, dental bills, minotaurs, barking dogs, psychotropic drugs, children murdering their family. There were unexpected ones, too, with humor. I didn’t expect that. What astounded me most was how good they are. 2020 was apparently a time where either through having TIME and perhaps less shame attached to taking all that time to give a piece the attention required to create something to be proud of, or through psychotic endurance of will, you created stuff to stand back from, to give room, to be in awe of, and scratch your head at. The stories that follow are ones that jumped at me. I hope they’ll lead you to down a rabbithole, where you too will spend 2 weeks having your hair knocked back, sensing a euphoria; being proud of, and amongst, a lot of angels.

Easter Sunday” by Anney Bolgiano (@Sadjunct_Prof) in Nashville Review.

Sunset Lounge,” by Alice Kaltman (@AliceKaltman) in Joyland Magazine.

Insomnia,” by Will Donnelly (@Will_Donnelly) in Zone 3 Press.

Flower Sickness,” by Anna Lindwasser (@annalindwasser) in Scarlet Leaf Review.

And Another and Another and Another Glass of Rosé,” by Christopher Gonzalez (@livesinpages) in Catapult.

On Things Now Burning or Soon to Ignite,” by M.K. Sturdevant (@mksturdevant) in Nashville Review.

Rain Delay,” by Rachel A.G. Gilman (@rachelaggilman) in Delicate Friend.

A Lexicon of Decay,” by Rebecca Hazelwood (@rlhazelwood) in Passages North.

Classified,” by Josh Denslow (@joshdenslow) in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

The night I met God in the drugstore,” by Lindsey Heatherly (@rydanmardsey) in trampset.

The Pinch,” by Pascale Potvin (@pascalepalaces) in Quail Bell Magazine.

For a Good Time, Call,” by Natalie Lima (@NatalieLima09) in Guernica.

The 1965 Johnny Roseboro, Mint Condition,” by Eric Scot Tryon (@EricScotTryon) in monkeybicycle.

For Dorothy, Who Made It,” by Sarah Brody (@sbbrody) in The Normal School.

“Irradiate,” by Jeannine Hall Gailey (@webbish6) in Ploughshares.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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