Book Exchange

What is it?

An opportunity for poor, rural readers, like me, to exchange used books from indie publishers and increase readership to support the literary community. Think of it as an online lending library. If you like the book, review it/buy another from that author/etc. If you can afford to, please purchase from the link provided. I’m NOT making money from this. I just think people should be able to read more than 10 books per year if it’s money and not desire holding them back.

What do you do?

See a book you like from the list below. Email tyler.c.dempsey @ Put “Book Exchange” as the subject line of an email. In the body, tell about your OWN equally-awesome book from an indie publisher you’d like to trade for my book. I email back. It’s a go. We exchange mailing addresses and casually agree to pay for the shipping of our book to one another, via USPS/UPS/etc. We ship the books. We wait.

Current options:

Neil Clark, “Time. Wow.,” Back Patio Press, 2020.

Brian Evenson, “Windeye,” Coffee House Press, 2012.

Daisy Johnson, “Everything Under,” Graywolf Press, 2018.

Peter Markus, “BOB, or MAN on BOAT,” Dzanc Books, 2008.

Jason Teal, “We Were Called Specimens: an oral archive of the deity Marjorie,” Kernpunkt Press, 2020.

Troy James Weaver, “Marigold,” King Shot Press, 2016.

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